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Trilock ( Turnstile )

Provides an effective means of controlling pedestrian access and is characterised by its extremely reliable mechanism, robust construction and stylish design. The attractive design of the Trilock 900 makes it particularly suitable for environments such as reception areas in corporate, governmental and financial offices, museums or passenger terminals.

  • Effective physical barrier to separate non-secured and secured areas.
  • Attractive, luxurious design.
  • High capacity.
  • Space efficient solution.
  • Simple and robust mechanism.
  • Highly reliable
  • Heavy duty model.
  • Avalible in Many models
    • Uni or bi-directional control (Trilock 900)
    • Mechanical or electrical with coin or token operated (Trilcok 50 - 60 )
    • Rounded front and rear (Trilock 75)
    • Optical (TOT)

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Data sheets Models : 900 (113KB) -- 50/60/75 (483KB) -- TOT(206KB)

Trilock 900

Trilock 75RN




Guarantees fast, smooth and efficient access control in two directions . Sliding doors open into the casings, permit authorised passage and block unauthorised entry while visible and audible alarms draw the attention of security or reception personnel.

  • Anti-tailgating and piggybacking detection.
  • Attractive elegant design.
  • Fast, smooth and efficient access control.
  • Significant improves traffic flows.
  • High capacity throughput.
  • Bi-directional security solution (SpeedLane 900)
  • Optical (SpeedLane 996)
  • Alternatives for top platt surface finish (marble)

Top view Speedlane 900

Data sheets Models : 900 (113KB) --996 (272KB)

Speedlane 900


Glass turnstile, belongs to the Boon Edam's top range of Security Barriers. This product offers a simple yet effective method of controlling an internal passage without creating an obtrusive barrier. Constructed mainly from tempered glass and stainless steel the product can match many surroundings.

  • Boon Edam's top range of security barriers.
  • Stylish transparent sophisticated design.
  • User friendly, self explanatory.
  • Slender stainless steel tube frame.
  • Bi-directional access control.
  • Highly reliable.

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