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Offers a stylish indoor security access control solution . Constructed from a single frameless tempered glass door wing and a slim column, the Winglock is a very space efficient barrier. The glass and stainless steel transparent design can match many surroundings , without creating an obtrusive barrier.

  • Single door wing creating a wide passage.
  • Appropriate for wheelchairs, trolleys and large luggage passage.
  • Stylish transparent design.
  • Emergency escape route.
  • Cost and space efficient barrier.
  • Bi-directional access control.
  • Available in models with differnet leaf designe : 900 - 42

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Winglock 900


Data sheets Models :
900 (319KB)
-- 42 (168KB)



The Twinglock is suitable for passage of disabled persons and/or persons carrying lugguage or pushing trolleys . It is can be placed at projects that need controlled access like office buildings, fitness centres, swimming pools, government buildings, pleasure and gambling facilities etc.

  • Boon Edam 's top range of security barriers.
  • Stylish transparent design.
  • Advanced sensor technology integrated.
  • Very suitable entrance for wheelchairs, trolleys or large luggage.
  • User friendly, self explanatory.
  • Slender stainless steel tube frame.
  • Bi-directional access control. (Twinglock 900)
  • Highly reliable.

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  • Elegant design.
  • Visual but inviting security entrance.
  • Bi-directional secured passage.
  • Very slim cabinets, allowing single or multiple lane setup even in a narrow corridor.
  • High capacity throughput.
  • Anti-tailgating detection.
  • Alternative for gate leafs with stainless steel frame and without frame.
  • User friendly.

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