Movable Wall systems

Comfort, flexibility, efficiency, safety, design, and ease of use are aspects that are given top priority when we design our wall systems. All Parthos movable walls are designed in such a way that the need for floor guidance has been eliminated. With manually operated spindle mechanisms and pressure sleeves the separate panels are secured firmly between floor and track. This combination ensures a stable and sound sealing wall. In regard to the lay-out of the wall, the choice of one or two point suspension offers many possibilities of parking positions, leading to a variety of solutions. Our advice and guidance during the building process with regard to dimensions and technical facilities, guarantees fast and problem free installation, which we prefer to be carried out by our experienced installation teams.

Palace 80

Palace 110

  • Panel Thickness 80mm.
  • Sound insulation (Rw) from 36 up to 44 dB.
  • Stable and self supporting aluminium/wood frame construction.
  • Greatest possible flexibility, through wide variety of panel arrangements.
  • Favourable cost aspect.
  • Perfect ease of use due to light construction.
  • Virtually unlimited choice of finishes.
  • Heavy duty track and trolley system.
  • Panel Thickness 110mm.
  • Sound insulation (Rw) upto 56 dB.
  • Durable, stable steel construction.
  • Height up to 11 metres; Palace 110S.
  • Greatest possible flexibility, also curved tracks and walls possible.
  • Available in 60 minutes fire resistant quality; Palace 110F.
  • Virtually unlimited choice of finishes.
  • Heavy duty track and trolley system.
  • Inlayed vertical profiles possible; Palace 110I.