Insulated doors

Cookson's insulated doors are manufactured with a process that is used by no other insulated door manufacturer, Cookson doors keep thermal losses to an absolute minimum. Although most door manufacturers use foamed-in-place insulation, Cookson uses solid insulation of the highest quality available with a flame spread not greater than 25 and smoke generation less than 50. Complete coverage and consistent density are assured by a piece of insulation placed between galvanized steel slats. A flexible, solid foam astragal fits into the guides at the bottom of the door to assure a complete seal across the opening. Seepage of air around the h

ood is minimized by a waterproof hood baffle that resists tearing and cracking and maintains flexibility in winter. The Cookson insulation system also includes snap-on guide weatherstripping made of heavy duty vinyl extrusions that are designed to reduce air infiltration and dust at any temperature.

Unique System for Maximum Insulation

  • Heavy duty vinyl extrusions snap into the guides to reduce air and dust infiltration and to weatherstrip the door jambs.
  • Air seepage around the hood is minimized by a water resistant hood baffle that maintains flexibility in cold temperatures.
  • Exclusive interlocking slats provide energy efficiency and a finished appearance inside and out.
  • Solid insulation is inserted between galvanized steel slats to ensure consistent density and complete insulating coverage.
  • The bottom of the door is sealed by a flexible, solid foam astragal.

Data Sheet (1.00M)