Fire rated doors



Cookson Fire Doors are the most effective way of protecting property while increasing safety for building occupants.
Protect property by limiting damage in case of fire.
Make a building safer to occupy. Close an opening in a fire wall.




  • Lifetime warranted Whisper Governor controls automatic closing speed of door to a range of 6" to 2' per second (used on all doors except Auto-Test model FDO-B).
  • Oil tempered torsion springs designed for 50,000 life cycles.
  • Structural Angle Guides and Bottom Bar make doors less vulnerable to damage that could prevent the doors from fully closing.
  • Approved in all sizes Labeled doors up to 163 square feet not exceeding 13'-6" wide or 12'-0" high Oversize labels furnished on larger doors not exceeding 36'-6" wide or 24'-0" high.
  • Available for 4 hour, 3 hour, 1-1/2 hour and 3/4 hour ratings.
  • Approved for all wall types (concrete, masonry, structural steel, structural steel with gypsum board).
  • Simple-Test Doors are reset from one side of opening reducing testing costs.
  • Sure-Close release spring on Simple-Test Doors increase reliability of automatic closings.
  • Auto-Test Doors do not require resetting.
  • Testing doors in fully closed position will not damage mechanisms.
  • Revolutionary Soft-Close RPM governing system limits automatic closing speed to a range of 6" to 9" per second (only available on Auto-Test model FDO-B).
  • FinalCote finish.