Dock Shelters

Raised dock shelters
Manufactured in two different versions to limit te thermic exchange between the inside and the outside of the warehouse, the raised dock shelters contribute both to energy conservation and improvement in working conditions, besides not transmitting the thrust of vehicles to the structure of the warehouse.
The basic model KDRL, planned to meet the most general customer’s requirements, combines practicality and moderate price. On the contrary, the pantograph model KDRG is made to measure, also from the point of view of the color, according to particular requirements (not standard loading openings, particular architectonic structures).

Ground dock shelters
The ground dock shelters KD-G are particularly suitable for sealing loading openings on the floor, equipped or not with a scissors lifting table and characterized by small spaces for maneuvering. Kopron can supply this model in all its versions, this means that the frontal side consists either of Pvc fabric reinforced with harmonic springs or with a single sheet. If the loading point is equipped with a scissor lifting table, the dock shelter can be built with such a length to contain this system, so that it is possible to work in any weather. Their structural elements suit our qualitative standard: folding hot galvanized bearing structure to avoid damages caused by vehicles and self-extinguishing polyester Pvc fabric, class 2.

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