Techstyle :

Techstyle™ suspended ceilings establish a clean, monolithic look, while also offering outstanding acoustical performance, easy access to the plenum, easy installation and long-term durability.
Techstyle™ brings design flexibility to the forefront with panels that come standard in sizes ranging from 600 x 600 mm to 1200 x 2400 mm. The modular system allows you to mix and match sizes to create distinctive looks for a room.
  • Swing-down or lay-on system
  • Swing-down tiles at 600 x 600 mm and 1200 x 1200 mm
  • Lay-on tiles in 600 or 1200 mm widths and in lengths from 600 to 2400 mm
  • Material: Glass fibre non-woven material
  • High acoustical values
  • Standard colours: white, off white and black
  • Curved solutions
  • Floating ceiling with special perimeter trim
  • Curved wall transitional trim

Leaflet (405K)

Wood :

Wood has been a source of inspiration in art and architecture for thousands of years. One of the oldest and most versatile materials available to mankind, wood creates a natural and unique atmosphere for both interiors and exteriors.
All our wooden ceilings are available in fire-retardant versions and meet all requirements of the European CE2004 certification.

Wood Tiles :

  • Open, semi-concealed or concealed systems
  • 600 x 600 mm or 1200 x 600 mm tile sizes (custom sizes avilable)
  • Over 40 standard wood veneers, including beech, chestnut, cherry, pear wood and more
  • Panels can be finished with transparent or coloured varnishes
  • Acoustical or plain panels
  • Fire retardent treatment
  • Cut outs on request
  • Perforations avilable with or without non-woven acoustical backing
  • Wood tiles are also available for exterior applications.
    • Moisture proof MDF core
    • Exterior varnish
    • Sealed on all 4 sides


Leaflet (405K)

Wood Liner :

  • Offered in linear open, linear closed and grid systems
  • Module sizes from 82.5 to 150 mm
  • Panel widths from 63.5 to 135 mm
  • Over 15 standard wood species, including birch, oak, maple, Oregon pine and more
  • Panels can be finished with transparent or coloured varnishes
  • Curved or undulating possibilities
  • Demountable system
  • Acoustical or plain planks
  • FR treatment
  • We also offer solid wood ceiling systems for exterior applications.
    • Non-demountable ceiling system
    • Varnish on all 4 sides

Leaflet (675KB)

Metal :

We offer a large range of decorative and functional finishes to create maximum freedom in design for numerous applications. Standard finishes include brushed, mirror, embossed, zinc, anodized, matt, glossy and natural metal. Custom finishes and colours available.

  • Metal ceilings deliver optimal comfort and functionality:
  • Economic value - high durability combined with easy installation and accessibility
  • Green characteristics - our aluminium alloy has 90% recycled material and is fully recyclable at the end of the ceiling lifecycle
  • Hygienic - easy to clean and friendly to indoor air quality
  • Acoustical - noise control through perforations and acoustical non-woven backings
  • Ease of use - fully demountable systems allow hassle-free maintenance
  • We also offer solid metail ceiling systems for exterior applications.

Avilable in many types :